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The skin's blocker

Delivery time 1-12 week(s)

Our instruments are produced and assembled every 3 months. Thank you for your understanding.

The skin's blocker has 3 utilities :

Musical : it enables to choose one note and keep it. So your KeyTam is tuned on his first note. It's always possible to modulate the notes in range of tessiture leftovers thanks to the handle.

The play : you can let go off the handle of skin tension's control once tuned, and you can play with 2 hands or 2 drumsticks (Attention ! the play with drumsticks must be light. The skin of KeyTam is very light).

The ergonomics : by his mechanical system, the blocker enables to the handle to don't back at his original position. So, if a people with a little hand can't attain the lever, he can used the skin blocker in order to it stay in optimal position. Need to have chooses a good tacking in hand and takes into consideration the first note will be the most high-pitched.


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