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Magnets kit

Delivery time 1-12 week(s)

Our instruments are produced and assembled every 3 months. Thank you for your understanding.

Positioned on each side of the skin, this magnets kit has two vocations.

  • The tow little magnets enable to not hit the KeyTam skin too strong. If you exceed the threshold, the magnets tear off.
  • The tow biggest magnets are destined to the sound modification. Discover new vibrations by the positioning on the different spots of the skin.

Combine and modulate the sounds by the actioned of the timbre.

Find your sound dull and round with the silicon patches and felt ribbon or enrich your high-pitched harmonics when they are alone on the skin.

It's possible to mix the magnets with each other.

Slide down the external magnet in order to pull it out. Continued to slide it beyond the instrument when it hit against the hooping.


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